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A Life Unseen, a novel


Mary Katherine Scott is the author of A Life Unseen, a story about giving love another chance, even when life takes an unexpected turn. Mary Katherine is currently seeking representation for her novel, which is sure to delight readers of other genre-bending speculative fiction authors, especially Matt Haig, TJ Klune, Alice Hoffman, and Emily St. John Mandel.


Mel Brenner is a 20-something looking for a fresh start. That is, until the unthinkable happens: she becomes invisible. Not the invisibility she had known most of her life where people just generally ignored her because she wasn't remarkable enough to be noticed, but real, full-on "we can't see you" invisibility. With the help of a whole new community of unseen people, including the handsome, mysterious Sam, who’s equal parts irresistible and infuriating, can Mel learn to navigate her life from this new perspective? Is she ready to open her heart to love again after so much heartache? Perhaps most importantly, can she use the special gifts and freedom that come with being invisible to find peace, purpose, and forgiveness, not just in her world, but in herself?

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